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We have always Marching towards fabulousness in customer service, no matter when, as long as customers have any requirements, we always do our best to satisfy customers. If you feel interested in our products, regardless of the time, as long as you are convenient, please contact with us, we will be delightful to provide any information you want.

HyoDong Machine

Hyodong Machine, have developed technology and increased facilities for 30 years to meet the needs of customers. Therefore we have technology to manufacture custom ordered machines from various customers and the biggest facilities. We try to find out the needs of the customers more exactly and deeply by communication with them, so their needs become the source of technology development.

Schwer + Kopka

With SK’s professional research team of many years of experience, it is possible to let customers to use molding equipments more efficiently. The most important technology parameters data in the device (shaping forces) are calculate accurately to ensure 100% stable production process, any deviation from the predetermined pattern, the system will shut down immediately to avoid overload and for the protection of the device.


AIR TECH21 CLEANER SYSTEM can be used in all workplace where polluted indoor air needs to be filtered. Generally, particles under 0.01μ can be efficiently removed with this system. In addition to this, the system can be applied to following usages.

The company offers various types of fastener related equipments and tooling for each domestic and international customers. Screw and nut forming machines, thread rolling machines, tapping machines, mold machines, heaters, de-oiling machine, oil purifier machine, Drilling machine, assemble machine, vibration plate, conveyor belt, heat treatment, straightening machine, plating equipment, screening machines, packaging machines, molds, spare parts, mold processing equipment and so on ...